Sunday, May 17, 2009

Matrilinear ancestry of Queen Elizabeth

My first online message in English!
I have tried to trace back the matrilinear ancestry of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, but so far have not managed to trace it back beyond 7 generations. I have tried to find some clues in various genealogical publications, but so far to no avail. If you had any additions or corrections, please post a comment on this blog. thanks.

Generation I

1. Queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom, born London, 21 April 1926.

Generation II

3. Elisabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon, born St.Paul's Waldenbury, 4 August 1900, died Windsor, 30 March 2002.

Generation III

7. Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck, born London 11 September 1862 , died London, 23 June 1938.

Generation IV

15. Caroline Louisa Burnaby, born Hungerton 15 December 1832, died Dawlish, 6 July 1918.

Generation V

31. Anne Caroline Salisbury, born Fordington 15 December 1805, died St.George, 3 May 1881.

Generation VI

63. Frances Webb, born Stanway 12 June 1775, died Salisbury 22 January 1862.

Generation VII

127. Mary Garritt?

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